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30 Team Deep Dynasty Keeper 2nd Year, 20$ entry, FANTRAX H2H Categories

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Hey all,

Running a successful 30 team Fantrax dynasty keeper league entering the 2nd year. Unfortunately we lost 10 owners. I am looking to fill spots immediately. Looking for competitive committed owners to join our fun league. We use Groupme for league chat and are active all year. 

The league is head to head with 12 scoring Categories. 27 man Major League rosters and deep 50 man Minors rosters. We will be having our annual minor league draft on 1/15/20.

Have some competitive teams available.

St. Louis Cardinals


San Francisco Giants


Los Angeles Dodgers


Chicago Cubs


Will potentially have a few more openings but these teams are available now. Any questions feel free to email me 




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Annual Minor league draft will start 1/15/20.

Ten round draft

New owners will get a compensatory pick at the end of round 1.

Rockies have pick 13

Rays have pick 9

A's have pick 12

Diamondbacks have pick 17

Dodgers have pick 20

Giants have pick 5

Cardinals have pick 19

Email robinnuyen@yahoo.com to join up 


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Dodger taken. 

We have 5 spots open and our offseason minor league draft is 1/15/20. The cost is 20$ per season and the winner receives about $450.00. It is a straight keeper league with 27 man Majors and 50 man Minors rosters. 

The teams we have available are 
Pick 1.3
1.31 (compensatory pick for new owner)
1.35 (compensatory pick for new owner)
Pick 1.17
1.38 (compensatory pick)
St. Louis
1.39 (compensatory pick for new owner)
Pick 1.9
Pick 1.34
We also use groupme for our league chat. We have had a very busy offseason so far
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