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Gonna go with Hunter, then Garland, then Culver.

Hunter's gonna be up and down but he's still getting heavy minutes (probably will be much less effective once Collins returns, since he sucked when Collins played and his touches should go way down).  

Garland ... eh, he's the typical rookie guard.  Doesn't shoot or pass especially well.  Sorta reminds me of Sexton last year, haha.  At least he's playing.  :/

Culver would be so much more appealing if Wiggins weren't balling this year for some reason.  Teague also needs to get traded/hurt for Culver to break out.  Right now, Culver's future is really uncertain.

So basically my mindset is: 

1.) Player is going to mix good games with bad games, and at least is getting minutes.

2.) Player sucks, but at least is playing.

3.) Player is barely playing and has multiple obstacles to success currently.

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