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Poeltl or Noel? QUICK PLEASE!

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It would seem to me that Poeltl's role is a bit less dependent on someone being injured. Noel, of course, has ended up in a Holmes-esque role in his last few teams, and could do big things if everything actually plays off right. Go for Poeltl if you're feeling more conservative, and for Noel if you're a gambling man and/or like stocks. NN's upside seems more exciting.

Care to help? Trying to figure out if I can dish out any 2-for-1s or drop someone.

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Let me put it this way, Noel is on a roster in all my leagues while Poeltl has remained on the WW.  But, I agree that Poeltl’s role is more stable while Noel has an amazing upside if Adams goes down/gets traded.

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Noel for the upside, Adams trade, and stocks.  His %s are spicy right now too.  Definitely go for him.

I'm not high on anyone who can get Popped, and Poetl's never even been added in any of my leagues.

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There are more question marks over Noel 


CAN Adams be traded away given his massive contract? And will they get a veteran big in return ?


and of coz, there were many backup bigs who did well as a sub but can’t do well as a starter... There is no guarantee 

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On 11/28/2019 at 11:34 PM, RAGINGROOSTER said:

Nerlens Noel isn't a sure thing and his upside is scenario based. Poetl is trending up and he helped Spurs snap their ugly 8 game losing streak. He is starting now and perhaps he can start gelling with the starting unit to be locked as a starter. I really liked him in Toronto.

What did you really like in Toronto? 

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