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First time winning the ship since 2016. I’m reminded of how lonely it is at the top. One thing that kind of sucks about fantasy is that at the beginning of the season, everyone is super active and tex

Drafted... email after i drafted saying my Grade was an A+ and that i'll go undefeated. I was very shocked since the 5th and 6th pick i was auto drafted some how and the auto draft picked Cam Newton a

Pretty simple one, but this is my first year and am going to the championship! I won against the best team in our league by far this past week. Like David and Goliath cool story, bro. Annoying to the

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I'm in 3 fantasy football leagues this year:

12 Team Auction, .5 PPR, $65 entry 10-3 (1st), 1st rd BYE in playoffs
12 Team Snake, .5 PPR, Fun League 9-4 (2nd) Locked playoffs, which start Week 15
14 Team Keeper, PPR, $30 entry 9-4 (1st) No playoff byes in this league


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Deep 14 team league, PPR, 3 Keepers Max, Future Draft Picks Can Be Traded IDP, Return Yards Score 

I had keepers of: 





I was missing draft picks in rounds 4 & 6 but had three 8th round selections and an extra 10th round pick. 

I dealt with injuries to JuJu, Big Ben dies, in steps garbage QB, Mahomes, Kamara, Kirk, and faced the 3rd highest weekly average score for the entirety of the regular season. 

I ended up 2nd in points, 8-5, the #4 seed, haven't missed the playoffs since 2014 and I've made the Playoffs 8/10 years in the league. 

Lost in the title game last year by 5.2. 

The ring eludes me. 


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Probably the most amazing unlikely finish to a playoff race I've seen in my 30+ years of fantasy football.

12 team league, 8 make the playoffs. The tiebreaker is total points.

Going into this week, I was 9th at 7-8, but five teams were 8-7. Oddly, none of the 6 teams fighting for playoff spots were playing each other. I was playing the 2nd worst team in the league and won easily.

There were two teams above me with lower total points, so I just needed one of them to lose, and they were playing the top two teams. Of course, as luck would have it, they both beat the top teams and I thought I was out.

But then I noticed another 8-7 team which lost who was about 1.5 per game ahead of me going into the week in total points. If I could score about 18 more points than him this week, I could pass him in total points. I actually outscored him by 18.2 this week, so I thought I had a chance.

So, I scrambled to see the total points for the entire season - he had 1823.0 and I had 1822.8.

I finished 8-8 in a 12 team league where 8 teams make the playoffs and I missed out by 2/10th of a point. Amazing!

By the way, I played that team twice this season, and beat him both times. I'd complain to the commish but it's me.

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Insane ending to the regular season. The #7 seed leapfrogged the #5 seed to make the playoffs. 

The #5 seed had a decent chance to win his division and get a first round bye. He was 7-5 and playing the 3-9 team (me). in week 13. I beat him handily. His team put up only 46 points. 

The #7 seed had to win his game. And then outscore the #5 seed by 65 points. 

Inexplicably - the #5 seed started Jeff Driskell at QB. And still pulled it off. 

He started the Chiefs D, Will Lutz, Robert Woods, Guice. 

It came down to his Dalvin Cook and TE Holister against stefon Diggs. They both get injured on the same play. Cook fumbled and the 7 seed was trailing by 0.8 points. In the 4th quarter Holister caught one more pass. The 7 seed outscored the 5 seed by 1.2 points across the entire season and is advancing to the playoffs. 


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Kicker has been my Achilles heel, so to speak. I drafted Maher thinking his dome would be a safe spot and he got me nothing but 4-6 points the first 6 games. I switched to Zane after his hot streak and he went cold. I switched back to Maher and got one good game and then a couple clunkers and last weeks -2 that cost me a win so i dropped him, picking up that 49rs kicker that was doing well. But apparently i didn’t do any research because he had been cut that afternoon so i used my last faab dollar to pick up a cut kicker and i was entering the playoffs with no kicker. Then, magically, the colts picked up McLaughlin and he’s their starter and will be a league winner both in my ffl and in the real game. Homer could not have written a more complex epic. 

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Looking ahead towards next week post bye I see I have a struggle. I’m going to have to decide to bench one of Landry/Mack/Godwin. (Julio/Allen/cool/fournette being why 👌🙌)


Just hope the sixth seed that snuck in  doesn't win. Beaten me twice this year and Michael Thomas is scary lol

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It's been an exhausting season in my main dynasty league and having scratched my way into the playoffs, I'm going to try my best to kick back and enjoy what could be the final Sunday. 

Endured the loss/inconsistencies of Dissly, Bell, Conner, Evans, Diggs, Lockett, AJ Green, Rodgers and many more. Never stopped trying to work the wire, trades etc and I can safely say I've done all I could. 

Just a reminder to those of us still alive without a bye tomorrow; start who you believe in, watch the games and enjoy. This may be as good as it gets until next season. 


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just set your lineup the best you can and enjoy another full slate of NFL Sunday. There's no need to watch the fantasy gamecast. Just enjoy the games. We only have 4 more weeks of 16 game Sundays. 

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2 minutes ago, Mr Rourke said:

I've been wasting Sundays since 98.  Still remember an ill-advised trade of Robert Smith for Charlie Garner. Work the program, bro.  

*fills cup of coffee


i’m just going to listen it’s my first meeting. 

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Fiest round of playoffs: i 8-5 playong a 6-7 guy:

My adams, evans and dj moore = 33p 

His zach pascal and aj brown = 43p (so far)

No help from my rb (carson,monty) and qb(rodgers) so i‘m going down by some random guys he rostered right before this week. Dont know if it is good coaching or just luck.

cool story, bro


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Rolled with Brees and Winston all season.  Still tilting from last week's games, I benched them both and started Fitzmagic instead.  😭


One and done!  Or so I thought.  Hunter Henry and AJ Brown combined to give me a 25 point lead after the afternoon games.  Now all I had to do was survive SNF with my opponent still having Russell Wilson and Zuerlein left to play.  😳


Absolutely best case scenario.  The Rams shut down the Seahawks, giving me the win and the Niners the inside track to the #1 seed!  

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5 minutes ago, hankmoody25 said:

My WR squad heading into the playoffs: 





Marvin Jones



4/5 got injured during the last game. Wtf?


And I felt bad when I lost Evans, Ridley and Marvin...

Funny week.

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Joined a second money league four years ago, and finally made the playoffs in it after nearly blowing it(was tied for 1st, before losing a few and dropping to 5th, before sneaking back in last week by 10 pts. Also due to weekly (and yearlong) pt bonuses, I'm nearly(4/5) freerolling in that league, lol. Also the 1st time I've made playoffs in both money leagues. In the primary league, I drafted RB fairly well, and blew it everywhere else and still managed to sneak in. This was my roster after the draft(bold still with team😞

QB: Newton

RB: Kamara/CHubb/Henry/McCoy/Ballage/Pollard

WR: Thielen(on and off IR)/ABrown/AJGreen(IR)/MWilliams/Miller

TE: Howard

K: Gould


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I finished first place in my 12 team league. 10-3 only lost to two people in the league. One of them who beat me twice and now I’m facing him again in the semifinals. 

Will i be able to beat him finally? Will he beat me? Only time will tell. Find out in the next episode of dragon ball Z 

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