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2019 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

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First time winning the ship since 2016. I’m reminded of how lonely it is at the top. One thing that kind of sucks about fantasy is that at the beginning of the season, everyone is super active and tex

Drafted... email after i drafted saying my Grade was an A+ and that i'll go undefeated. I was very shocked since the 5th and 6th pick i was auto drafted some how and the auto draft picked Cam Newton a

Pretty simple one, but this is my first year and am going to the championship! I won against the best team in our league by far this past week. Like David and Goliath cool story, bro. Annoying to the

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In second place and up against the unbeaten league leader. He has Gurley, so I picked up Malcolm Brown for my FLEX just to be a dick. Fail. I've still got Kerryon and Golladay for Monday night, but now he has a chance with two players in the late game Sunday, and I'm only six or seven points ahead.

Ekeler and Vance 😁. 5.30pts in total, and I already had the win even before running up the score on Monday. Even better, I get the top score for the week (just) which means I've done that three times out of six despite having my top two picks underperform somewhat (Kamara and Kelce). Enjoying this season so far.

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4 hours ago, leffe186 said:

Today was the perfect illustration of the only true thing I have learned about FF. If you have the self-discipline, never check your live score.


This is the best thing I ever did. Six years ago I started. Don't look until the break between day games and MNF. 

Trying to get my friends on board so I don't have to listen to them b!tch about scores that are sure to change.

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4 hours ago, DoomedRBs said:

Whos got me beat?? Started:

Matt Ryan

Kerryon Johnson

David Johnson

Adam Thielen 


Wentz, Kerryon, Fells, Fitzgerald, Bills D (4pts vs Miami), and McManus.  I think I got ya, but it's close.

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Since my post in the Joey Slye thread got properly deleted (sorry mods), I'll repeat here.  Took a 0 from my kicker because I didn't want to drop Slye.  Still won by 3 points after last night's game.  Was prepared to pick up the NYJ kicker tonight if I needed him as Mike Nugent is of course owned.  A savvier opponent would have picked Jets kicker up last night just to block me in case, but alas he did not.

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Survived the TD barrage from Legarrete Michel, and will win by 6 pts, as well as by 15 pts in another league. In both I was sans Kamara and in the 6 pt win, I was w/o Kamara and Chubb. Thank goodness my opponent didn't start Chase Edmonds, lol

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17 minutes ago, Psideresider said:

About an hour before kickoff, my opponent took Rodgers out and put Goff in. Had he left Rodgers in, i would have lost by .22. For my sanity, I’m so happy they made that move.


How you gonna bench Rodgers for Goff?

I get the Falcons can't D, but man.  That's just overthinking it right there.

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22 hours ago, TheINC said:

Wentz, Kerryon, Fells, Fitzgerald, Bills D (4pts vs Miami), and McManus.  I think I got ya, but it's close.

I raise you a Wentz, Ridley, Anderson, mack, Montgomery, hockenson, mixon, NYJ D, and Lutz for a grand total of 37.94 points. 

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I had one of my best fantasy weeks ever, winning 5 of 6 matchups. The sole loss was by only 1.6 points but i scored above the league median so go 1-1 for the week.

The highlight being winning in my IDP dynasty league where i (2-4) was a massive underdog against the 6-0 team. My team has been so decimated by injuries, byes etc my starting WRs this week were Auden Tate, Demarcus Robinson, Demaryius Thomas and Allen Lazard. The result seemed so clear my opponent decided to leave Myles Garrett on bye in his lineup because he didn't want to drop anyone for a replacement.

I made the decision to go all in on Jets defensive players expecting they'll get plenty of opportunity to rack up points and they delivered. Cashman, Adams, and Pool (plus Demaryius Thomas) helped me come out on top by 2.2 points.

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1 hour ago, Mr_Baller said:

My league is a bunch of fools where nobody wants to trade at all. They are suspicious of any offer, especially because they have no idea what they are doing.

same in my league..u can send Julio and tyreek for OBJ and you are rejected...

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Feeling kinda smug (I realize this post is asking for trouble, but here goes).

First three draft picks haven't really panned out. Kamara in the first (Brees injured, then hmself), Kelce in the second (OK, but underwhelming for a second round pick), Kerryon Johnson (OK, but underwhelming, and now IR). Drafted Robby Anderson in the seventh (ouch), then from 9th to 12th it goes - Dede Westbrook, Derrius Guice, Cam Newton, TJ Hockenson. Ewwwww. It didn't get much better - rounds 14 and 15 were Marquise Goodwin and the Cowboys DEF. The first three picks are meh, then seven of the remaining 12 are essentially busts - at least for the first few weeks of the season.

Week one I'm heading for victory, then the other guy has Nuk go off and Latavius essentially come up with his one good play before Kamara gets injured. I lose by three.

It should be a tale of woe...but it's a tale of joy. And of how much effing luck there is in FF. The picks in rounds 4-6 were Leonard Fournette, Chris Godwin, and Kenny Golladay. Round 8 was Lamar Jackson. Round 13 was John Brown. Week 1 waiver pick...the Patriots DEF. Then DJ Chark. Six wins in a row and I'm 6-1.

So much of FF is about luck 😄.

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