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Your best trade of the season?

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Sony Michel for Amari Cooper after week 3


My late 2019 1st for a 2020 1st and Lamar Jackson back in July.  

I was 12th place in a league with a 2-6 record, last in points, and 100 points less then the team with the 11th place.


I traded AJ Green/Melvin Gordon for DJ Moore/Aaron Jones. I can’t take credit as this deal was offered to me but needless to say has been a huge win.


The following week I traded JuJu and Waller (I own Kelce) for Ingram.


Im presently 6-6, have won every game since my trades. I’m even 7th in points. If I win this week and 1 of 2 teams that also share a 6-6 record lose, I will make the playoffs. 

I am so proud of this team regardless of what happens haha.

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Made two trades in about three minutes on discord with leaguemates. Traded Melvin Gordon for Ertz

Traded Allen Robinson and hockensen for Hunter Henry.

 Now that may look lopsided against me for you guys on paper, but my league starts 2 TE and this was around week 4. Y'all know TE is a wasteland, but try starting 2 and finding good free agents when everyone is blowing their FAAB on any guy that gets more than 5 points at the position. I was running with IR'd Njoku, IRd J. Reed, and hockensen from draft day. So not a great start to the season. Not great. I had great depth to make the trade, and now I have the best TE duo in the the fantasy league to go with my already great team. League is 10 team PPR and 14 total starters in the lineup. I still have Julio, Davante, D. Moore, Godwin and John Brown to go with D. Henry, L. fournette, and d. Singletary. Think I could spare Melvin and Allen. 


dont know why the text at the bottom is bigger. On my phone. Sorry!

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I only do trades that are terrible for me.  I'm like a superhero that swoops in and offers good players to struggling teams, handicapping my own team in the process because apparently I can afford it.  Couple of my highlights this year:

Connor, Kittle, Keenan Allen for DeAndre Hopkins and David Johnson

Kelce, Kupp, Mack, Robinson for Barkley, Hunt, and Goff

I swear they made sense at the time.  In my brain, anyway

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I only play in one league and am By far the most active manager trading. The best one for me this year was a blockbuster I had to pull after starting the year 0-3. 
Traded Odell, Adams, D. Williams and D-Jax for Fournette, Golladay, Chark and Singletary. Ive only lost one game since and will have the #2 seed in the playoffs. The team I traded to isn’t going to make it. 

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