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Your best trade of the season?

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Sony Michel for Amari Cooper after week 3


My late 2019 1st for a 2020 1st and Lamar Jackson back in July.  

1 hour ago, Cardiak said:

Any open spots in that league next year?

Well tbh the guy is 12:0 with a sick deep roster. And he was never going to play a WR in his Flex anyhow with Cook, Zeke and Lenny Fourns on his team. Guess he was happy he got insurance to keep doing that in case any of them go down.

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Best trade.  got Lamar Jackson and Odell Bekham for Dak Prescott & 49ers D.  Did that two weeks ago.  I have the Pittsburgh D and really wanted Lamar, seeing I drafted Lamar in my other league

In that other league, traded WR Tyrell Williams for TE Mark Andrews after week 2.  That worked out well, seeing how he dropped Tyrell a few weeks later.

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I gave away Curtis Samuel for Stefon Diggs before the Week 6 games but the trade didn't process until the next week and that week both players had their best games.  I was able to use Diggs for the following two weeks and then I traded him away Phillip Lindsay because I was in need of RB Depth. 


Also, in week 5 I traded Kenny Golladay and Darrel Williams away for OBJ. The guy was 0-5 need extra RB depth and thought Williams would be taking over at the time. This could be my best trade IF OBJ comes through in the playoffs and helps me win the belt! 

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Best trade was Joe Mixon for Derrick Henry right when Joe Mixon finally had a good game and seemed like he was going to turn his season around....

Close second was trading Odell for Kupp and Landry very early in the season.


Worst trade was throwing Lamar Jackson in a package deal before week 1 to get Tyreek Hill for Keenan Allen. I figured I was good with Baker, and Lamar was like my 13th round pick anyway. Probably the worst trade of my fantasy career. That guy is 11-1 now btw

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In Dynasty 0.5 PPR (before week 1)

Gave: Mike Evans, JJ Arcega Whiteside, Darrell Henderson

Received: Michael Thomas, Michael Gallup

I wasn't sure when I did it but what a heist it turned out to be. MT has single handedly dragged my team to the playoffs and looks like a top 3 overall asset in dynasty while Gallup has been a solid weekly start with my league's deep lineups.


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