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My Randle for Chris Paul! HELP!!


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my team in a 12 teams H2H categories league:







I'm a bit frustrated with Randle struggles and i think i have enough rebounds, Cp3 grabs 5 and i can add more steals, assist, fg and ft% and also triples.

What do you think?

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1 hour ago, Sosa said:

As a CP owner, I wouldn't move him for Randle, and I'm pretty desperate for a Big. Really like the assists + steals he brings, it would be a good move for you. 


Yeah, right here.

I don't even own CP3, but I highly doubt any reasonable CP3 owner would even think of trading him for Randle. Currently, Randle's actually ranked #234 on the season due to awful efficiency and TOs, while CP3 is #27 (Bball Monster rankings); if you make the trade, you'd be winning in every single cat except rebounds (Randle's block rate is so low that it's meaningless to include).

So yeah, offer Randle but it's exceptionally unlikely it'll get accepted.  Randle needs a new coach and a new system, while CP3 needs to be shut down later in the season, for this trade to come close to being fair.


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