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2019 Thanksgiving Cowboys @ Bills Game Day Thread

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What a TOTAL BS "hands to the face" call that took away the INT. Refs are worse than ever. 

7 minutes ago, Deke said:

Could be down 1 score if they went for fg last poss


I said that before.  Jerry is in Garrett's head.  Take the FG there and it keeps you within 2 scores even if Buff got a FG, which we all know they did.  Instead, Garrett had to flex and try to show how big his balls are in front of Jerry.  He didnt choose the smart option, which is why he is going to be fired.  Do the decision for you, not the owner.  At the end of the day, losing bc you did what the owner wanted wont save you when you point it out to them.  Might as well lose playing the best game possible and YOUR gameplan. You are the coach and the decision comes back to you.

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5 minutes ago, mjb said:

Jerry to JG “you’re fired!!”

The biggest thing he did in this game was go for it on 4th down inside his own 20 in the first half. I'm sure he thought he bought himself a ton of job security with that one.

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