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Kaden Smith 2019 Outlook

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He's a Stanford grad so he's smart. Local press seems to like him. TE position is such a dart throw, he looks like a pick-up to just see if u don't have to drop anything of value. He does have an ascending QB with injuries to his WRs/TE, so very interesting.

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He's not anyone's idea of an explosive TE, but played nearly 100% of snaps last week and ran a ton of routes. Mix that with key intermediate target vacuum Tate being out now, and both TEs ahead of him out, plus a GB D that is simply terrible against TEs and we have a possible TE1 recipe this week. I am struggling deciding on him v Higbee.

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Well Engram is 'expected' back this week...who really believes he is gonna last with a bum foot though?? This kid looked pretty good again last week playing all the snaps and running a ton of routes. I also like the narrative that he and Eli have practiced a bunch together this year too (if Eli indeed makes more starts) and he has already shown a rapport with Danny. I'd say he is at least a must add for anyone waiting on Engram for Mon.

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9 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

Been searching for a sneaky ceiling this week (going against Ertz and have nobody) and this guy may be full-time vs. Redskins, who are getting destroyed by tight ends. I think there could be a mini breakout game here. Thoughts? 

Got mostly erased the week prior v a good at defending TE PHI D...then caught all 3 targets last week. The Skins are 28th v TE position, there is definite streamer appeal here...I still like Jonnu more (if he's available) but he prob isn't if we are down this far?

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