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Packers at Giants thread

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4 minutes ago, kelle1sa said:

Jones benched?


3 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

Looks like he's possibly concussed


Just now, kelle1sa said:

Based on?  Haven't had any injury updates pop up

They got down to the red zone and Jamaal went in.  I didn't see him go to the medical tent at all.  Maybe Jamaal is the preferred red zone option?

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3 minutes ago, ColoWrex said:


I stand corrected.


Wow, Jones never looks for Barkley out of the backfield.  So frustrating.


And now it looks like Barkley is looking at his arm/shoulder and on the sidelines.  Oh brother.

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I'm watching the game. Williams was in for the TD, which isn't all that unusual. But they showed Jones sitting on the bench. Normally if he was just substituted out, he'd be standing on the sideline in case he needs to go into the game.

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1 minute ago, CooL said:

Barkley back in the game, phew,.

Daniel Jones still looking like a high school QB, terrible overthrow.

He just had an amazing last drive. He was throwing that one away on the flea flicker.

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1 minute ago, bchang220 said:

lol I'd been waiting all season for Jones to go down so Rodgers would be forced to throw a few touchdowns and of course it happens (albeit temporarily) the game after I gave up on Rodgers for the season.

I carried 3 QBs just to start him today, so far so good

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1 minute ago, Marty Funkhouser said:

Why did Matt Lafleur get the Packer job? I know it couldn’t have been for the job he did with the Titan offense. Didn’t he stay at a bed and breakfast with Sean Mcvay and have brunch with him or something along those lines?

no idea at all. i never understood that hiring. I think we were all so happy with McCarthy finally being kicked to the curb we neglected to give too close a look to who was replacing him. The Titans offense from the few seasons (excluding this season/tannehill time) should've been getting people fired, not hired. 

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