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45 minutes ago, HispasianTuna said:

Was offered Lauri Markkanen for my Holmes. I should accept huh? LM24 looked like a beast the last 2 seasons, but this season he's completely off. Any suggestions or insight on his bad play? 

Even though Lauri is playing worse right now he has a higher upside and he might beast later on. Its not a bad trade for you if you can spare the center and the payoffs might be high. 


Not sure how Badgly will affect Holmes either. 

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I'd take that trade.  I know Markkanen has been bad, but he had 2 straight up good seasons. this has to just be a long term slump he will get over.  Just be aware you will be extremely frustrated for now. Clearly the other owner is if he's trading him. He is knowingly selling low because of the frustration.


Holmes is very good, but there are still the line up questions and bad coaching decisions in SAC.



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I would keep Holmes in this one... He produces consistent/steady value.  If you are going to trade him, I’d take advantage of your position of selling high, at least get someone that you don’t have to take a chance on.  You could use another guard, so I’d aim for a mid-rounder.

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