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MNF Week 13 Vikings at Seahawks

Mr Bigins

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well that was wiiiiide open. 

I will say regarding Cook maybe having a shoulder injury--when they showed him on the bench he was leaning forward on his arms and didn't seem to be sitting in any way that he was protecting any kind of injured body part. 

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9 minutes ago, Bingo Bandanas said:

Please be ok, Dalvin Please be ok, Dalvin. Please be ok, Dalvin. Please be ok, Dalvin. Please be ok, Dalvin. Please be ok, Dalvin.

Man, what a punch in the gut right before the playoffs. I'm hoping he'll be alright. 😥

I got all your energy but on the other side bro👍 so it'll wash out

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Alexander Mattison rushed three times for five yards in the Vikings' Week 11 win over the Broncos.

With the Vikings shockingly falling behind 20-0 in the first half, closeout game script never developed. Mattison is an elite handcuff, but especially with the Vikings headed on bye for Week 12, he is not a must hold for the final two weeks of the fantasy regular season. This is the time of year where tough roster decisions must be made.

Nov 17, 2019, 7:11 PM ET"
Ummmm.... WRONG!
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3 minutes ago, eg4190 said:

I don’t know, Carson has still touched the ball 18 times. This game script is a little fluky with all the Vikings turnovers. Penny is obviously a strong flex play with RB1 upside, but he could easily let owners down in the playoffs in a way that, say, Mattison won’t (assuming Cooks is out for multiple weeks).


Looked like Carson got hurt on the last play he was in a few series ago. He took himself out and didn't look right. Penny has been in ever since.

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