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Post-12/15 trade candidates

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50 minutes ago, iowncrazyhair said:

Cavs asking for a 1st rounder for Love but teams actually want the cavs to attach one to absorb Love’s long term deal lol. Awkward


So funny.  If that's the case it seems like a long shot he'll be moved anytime soon.  Maybe, maybe, Cleveland attaches a future first if they can take on a young player or 2 that the team may have soured on or just doesn't have the room to play...as a random example if he went to the Spurs along with a 1st, maybe Cleveland could take back one of White/Murray/Walker...which would kind of make it more worth it for Cleveland...but you also have the problem of matching salaries, cap space, etc.  What team, contending or not, wants to basically eliminate themselves from signing max free agents for the next 2 years so they can take on an aging, injury prone Kevin Love?  

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JJ Redick is for sure getting showcased for a trade. Man isn't about to let his playoff streak die lol

Edit: Never mind, just literally came across this article which apparently shuts down those chances https://heavy.com/sports/2019/12/nba-trade-rumors-keep-an-eye-on-these-now-trade-eligible-players/


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On 12/14/2019 at 11:13 AM, My Dinner With Andre said:

Wondering whose value will take a hit by not getting traded. Who will be the losers if some of these deals happen? Any guys who might be relegated to a bench role, or whose usage might dip, if their team makes a trade to upgrade at said player’s position?

Chris Paul is at the top of this list. A lot of fantasy teams will sink if one of their top-20 value in 9-cat player drops into the 100s. I really hope he gets traded to a contender.

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