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Half PPR: Pick 1 RB and 1 Flex: WHIR

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Opponent met his projections, so we're basically in a toss-up this week. I'm slightly favored, but you know how it goes. I've included roster for context- it's a little boom bust but overall really solid players

Here's my starters:

QB: Winston, Cousins?

WR: Evans, Godwin, D.Adams

TE: Doyle

RB: Chubb, ???

Flex: ???

For RB, I have to choose between Carson, Penny, Singletary, or Guice. Been leaning Carson for 2nd RB spot.

For flex: I have to choose between the above + Will Fuller is available, as well as Goedert.

Thoughts? Such a tough call. I'm leaning Carson and Penny to fill the two slots as I'd like to capture the pool of RB points in the matchup for safety, vs. the others for their various risks.

Thank you.

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I'd have to agree with @wahoos1 here.  Carson and Guice aswell. 

You already have a TB stack going with 2 WRs from TB aswell which is looking like you're cutting some of the value already because it's hard to foresee both of them going off. At least give me more pieces from other games and Guice has the best matchup of them. Singletary is good too especially if you think Buffalo will be playing from behind. I know Gore is around too but gamescript could be favorable there !


Thanks for the help btw :)

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