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32 team keep needs 4 owners

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Unfortunately, we have a handful of owners who have essentially bailed on the league. These teams havent even checked the league since october, & refuse to respond to any of my emails/discord messages. Ive waited 3 weeks and cant wait any longer for them! Ironically, each team is doing well. A couple are tops in their divisions! This league is FANTRAX, H2H points, Custom scoring, 12 F, 6 D, 1G, 3 B, 6IR, 10Minors, 15 max keepers. The league is also Premium without a fee! Here is the link to view the league it-self & check our scoring;


Instead of posting each player/pos, here are the teams available (go to the league via the link & view the team rosters!);

-Anaheim Mighty Ducks

-Pittsburgh Penguins

-Rockford Icehogs

-Quebec Nordiques

Please message me/reply ASAP! We have some interest already! Looking for committed & active owners!

Thanks for your time & hope your hyped to join! 

Commish Kehn

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Hi ockehn, I am interested in the Anaheim Ducks team. Please send me the invite to spazway96@hotmail.com

My name is Cassidy and I have been involved in Fanasy Hockey for several years and will be active. I am looking forward to hearing from you and the invite. Thank You.

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