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Monday Night Football - What Do You Need?

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Congratulations to everybody who made it to Monday December 9th still in contention!

I top scored in my money league by a long way, but lost the last game to drop to third. Would have already won my playoff game otherwise, but now I'm left facing the guy who beat me in week 9 to start my fall from grace. He won largely thanks to 23.40 points from Derrick Henry. How many points did Derrick Henry rack up against me this week? 23.40 again. Garoppolo had been terrible for a month before throwing 4TDs and getting 28.88 against me in that week 9 defeat. He threw 4TDs again this week and ran one in to finish with an almost identical 29.06pts.

But here's the good news. My oppo benched Garoppolo this week in favor of Kirk Cousins. Even better - I had traded Alvin Kamara plus a couple of guys to him for Saquon Barkley. Kamara literally dropped the ball this week. So I'm left with Saquon going tomorrow night, and as it stands the deficit is just 7.28pts. Sounds good, right? I'd be a bit more confident if he'd managed that more than once in his last three outings though.

I need Saquon to score 7.3pts in 0.5PPR. What do you guys need?

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Ertz to get less than 19.3.. forcast is rainy and windy. Hopefully it affects the passing game

Up 27 vs Eagles D and Shep.  I'm out of bullets.  God's speed my fantasy football brothers and sisters.   

I need to rewind the clock to week 8 and try again.

Need Alshon, Sanders, Janoris Jenkins, and Julian Love to combine for 7pts. As long as they don't all collide and knock themselves out of the game on the 1st play I should be alright.

Need to outscore my opponent by 20+Philly DST next week. Looking like I'm playing for 3rd place.

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