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Monday Night Football - What Do You Need?

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Ertz to get less than 19.3.. forcast is rainy and windy. Hopefully it affects the passing game

Up 27 vs Eagles D and Shep.  I'm out of bullets.  God's speed my fantasy football brothers and sisters.   

I need to rewind the clock to week 8 and try again.

2 minutes ago, crazyfingers711 said:

 75 from Alshon, Sanders, and Philly in PPR with lots of bonuses for positional players and defenses.   Yahoo is giving me an 11% chance of winning.   I’ll report back here if I win, if I lose, I’ve killed myself.  

That's why they call you "crazyfingers".


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3 minutes ago, kraftwrk_5 said:

I need to make up a 7.6 difference in PPR heading into tonight.  I have Miles Sanders, Jake Elliott (Philly K), and Malcolm Jenkins (Philly S).  My opponent has Nathan Gerry (Philly LB).  LET'S DO THIS!!!

congrats on your win 

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6 minutes ago, crazyfingers711 said:

congrats on your win 


Let's hope!  😉  I like my chances, but it ain't over 'til it's over as they say.  I'm the #7 seed going against #2, so would be a major upset.  To top it off, I'm facing my brother in a sibling grudge match, so a win would be extra sweet.  Brandon Cooks got him a donut yesterday to pave the way for my potential upset, so he's frickin' pissed, lol.  🤣 

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29 minutes ago, TheWeasel said:

Need Elliot to get me 18, and with the NYG D I'm holding out hope. 

We are talking about ZEKE Elliot right? If not then 18 from your K? I hope your league award 5 points/FG then maybe. If not then...RIP to your team. 

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