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Mottos For the 2020 Fantasy Football Season?

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On 12/9/2019 at 10:06 AM, CooL said:

I learned that it really doesn't matter what happens for 13 weeks.  Because you can get to the playoffs with a ridiculously strong team, only to lose because of random injuries.  I can't remember a week where there were so many key guys who were either ruled out prior to Sunday or lost mid-game (even worse). 

Even without injuries , you can have a rock solid team only to lose first week of playoffs because your team s--- the bed.  That’s why getting that bye week is so crucial in my opinion. Come playoffs, you need some good karma, and luck on your side. I had Dalvin Cook, Fournette, Lindsay, Godwin , & D Adams . Still lost ... thats fantasy football for you 

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i think my biggest takeaway from this season is that WRs are worthless. There is no point in drafting WRs early when you can load up on WR2/3 types, play matchups, find a WW guy or two early in the ye

Why am I doing this again? (version 2020)

Hope you’re the luckiest person in your league at the end of the season. Nobody outside a very select few provide bankable consistency. 

On 12/8/2019 at 11:28 PM, PlayTheWaivers said:

Don't draft players highly that had historically efficient seasons. I expect CMC to have a 30% haircut in points next year and for saquon to be the new CMC next year 


Hang on, you mean like CMc and Michael Thomas last year?

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30 minutes ago, leffe186 said:


Hang on, you mean like CMc and Michael Thomas last year?

Here I figured that guy would say “Play the Waivers” for some reason...

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