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Ayton vs Siakam

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14 minutes ago, brickcitymamba said:

Was offered Spicy P for my Dopeboy Ayton. I splashed out 40$ for Ayton, overpaying and paying the price with his ban, so psychologically I'm inclined to keep him because I've had to lose out on production waiting for him to return. But how do the two compare? Team in signature.

First off all... my condolences for all your losses, put in Collins instead of Tatum and that would be the most unlucky team of all time (although like this its probably also very close).

Secondly, Id take Siakam, also because you are thin at PF. Siakam is in 5 categories better than Ayton (PTS, FT%, 3PM, AST, STL) while Ayton carries the advantage in REB, FG% and BLK, but also in these categories Siakam is a positive, as he has above average FG%, REB and BLK. Moreover, Ayton will miss some more games and will need to get into rhythm when he gets back and you already got Turner and Robinson for your BLK. Siakam would also compensate for 3PM losses through Curry/Conley/Richardson. In general I think that Siakam fits your team VERY well (much better than Ayton I would say). I was also trying to get Siakam, but the owner does not want to part ways with him :(



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