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ESPN 14-team, 5-keeper FREE league, Need 1 Active Owner

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Hey, I'm the LM of a 14-team ESPN keeper league. It's a 5 keeper league (and yes, you can keep those players forever, there's no rule on how long you can keep guys).

A little about the league...

- 25 man roster, 2 IL spots added. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 UTIL, 5 SP, 2 RP, 3 P, 5 bench is the lineup format. 

- The league is FREE.

- There's 2 divisions. You play each divisional opponent twice and the other division's teams once. Total of 19 games. Our championship match-up ended this year on Week 1 of the NFL season, and that'll be the plan going forward. No overlap for fantasy football fans.

- There's NO trade limit or trade review. Next year we will be adding a 14 roster move per weekly match-up rule, as well. The trade deadline will be a week or two prior to the playoffs, as well.

- There's 6 teams that make the playoffs. The 2 division winners get a 1st round bye. The 4 best teams after the division winners are seeded 3-6. 

- There's a draft lottery for the 8 non-playoff teams. The team you would be taking over has the BEST odds at the #1 pick (27% odds). The draft lottery will be done in January at some point.

- It's an active league and we're looking for someone to come in and be very active, as well. It's a daily line-up league and we want someone interested in making trades, and responsive to emails and trade offers, as well.

- The team you'd be taking over (Georgia Tomahawks) has the following notable players.... Zack Greinke, Jack Flaherty, Chris Sale, Manny Machado, Marcus Semien, Carlos Santana, and Nicholas Castellanos.. You'll have to pick 5 keepers.

- If you don't like those guys, once the ESPN 2020 league office is opened sometime in February, trading will be re-opened and you can trade for keepers using draft picks and/or players to acquire some other keepers... if that's what you want to do.

- There's also a league Twitter account to follow along with, you can follow here.



If you have any other questions, let me know. We just want someone active and hyped for 2020. The owner that just left had to leave for personal reasons, but he was an active member that we're sad to see go.... Let me know if you're interested! And if you have interested in a fantasy basketball league with 3 of the same people as the baseball league, there's an open spot for you, as well. Either way, lemme know!

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