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Huerter/Sexton/D. Robinson ROS? (WHIR)

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48 minutes ago, Cozie said:

Huerter- Sexton - Robinson


39 minutes ago, Prince Rakeem said:

Same, 1. Huerter 2. Sexton 3. Robinson

Thanks guys, do you feel the same way after seeing my only PGs are Simmons + Paul? Sex could give me a good boost in FTs too... Lookin for some feedback. Post your links I'd be happy to help you out. 

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I feel Huerter but your problem is that you have too many SG and short of PG....

What do you think about Huerter for Paschall???...Paschall is good but is slowing right now but when GSW feel lost the season could trend up....Huerter looks finally recovering and in one week could be producing better numbers in more categoris than Paschall which is limited to points, rebounds and 3pt....

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Thanks guys, I ended up cutting Robinson and keeping Huerter. Ofc, Dunc Rob has 25 points right now... Really tempted to drop Huerter for him long term, think both have pretty stable roles on their teams. 

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Sorry brotha you got opinions from a bunch of rookies. Huerter than robinson. Not even a question. And I’m not just saying that bc he popped off for 10 threes tonight. But because his role is legitimate and role is everything in fantasy. Yes Winslow and dragic are gonna return soon but that won’t do s--- for Duncan that’ll just give less minutes to Derrick Jones jr and guys like herro and Nunn. Duncan is the perfect guy for them. He’s their perfect spot up shooter and can stretch the floor. 

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