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Better pickup to block opponent?

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My opponent has two potential injury game time guys in Jared Cook and Dj Chark and not great options on the bench to replace them. 


I plan on using my waiver to grab either T Higbee or AJ Brown to block them from him. Which one should I prioritize? Half ppr league 

This is his team


Qb- Prescott

Wr- Robinson

Wr- Diggs

Wr- Thomas

Rb- Ingram

Rb- Bell

Te- Cook

Flex- Chark

D- Sf

K- Prater


Bench- Jacobs, Mostert, Guice, Tate, Singletary, B Cooks, J Ross 

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2 hours ago, vthokie3 said:

probably higbee. If Chark is out he could still flex Mostert or Singletary. I'd rather block the TE spot

I was going to say the same thing. I'd be more afraid of him getting a big game from Higbee. I don't see a huge drop off from AJ Brown and his other choices with Mostert/Singletary.

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