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Desperation QB Options WHIR! 100%

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In one league I have managed to get into the final four. I feel out classed by the other teams. I need a hail Mary play, big upside. Its a standard scoring league but QBs get 6pts per TD, so the qb is very important.


I current have Wentz and Josh Allen. Wentz, despite his last performance and a good matchup vs the Skins, I feel like I cannot trust him and his whole receiver corps is out of action. Allen has a bad matchup against the Steelers.

I know this is crazy but I'm honestly considering picking up either  Mitch T @ Green Bay or Drew Lock @ Kansas City. Both could be suicide moves obviously.


Who would you roll with?



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Of the options you gave, I'd go with Mitch.  He's been fine in 4 of his last 5 games, and in that stretch he has thrown for 3 TDs three times and run for a TD twice.  Don't love that the game is at Green Bay, but as dart throws with upside, I think he has the best chance.



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Wentz has been playing horribly but that comeback last game especially using Ertz in the clutch moments might just give him some confidence. Matchup is great and they may have found a rb that seems to be connecting with Wentz in Byron Scott. For whatever reason there is no chemistry between Wentz and Miles Sanders. First time all year I’d feel moderately confident in putting Wentz active.

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