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RD 1 Injury slammed..WHIR

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Full point PPR..i went 9-5 (lost last 2) and won first place on points tiebreaker...

OK...sooo..I did well early with Mahomes b4 he turned into a QB 10..and Eckler...Last week I lost Evans...J.Cook..and Chark ....my opponent this week has 136 projected points..by far his best all year.......as of now..i am in the upper teens..and will b lucky to project 120...

WW this week i picked up Higbbee...OJ Howard..D Washington ,,,..Paschal..and Slayton..I over picked up to keep players out of the WW..pool...that said..

As of now I am starting Barkley...and Eckler...with Cooper and DJ Moore...I am also thinking of starting ..Tannihill (qb2 last 7 weeks) over Mahomes...Higbee over Howard..and at flex...Slayton slightly over both Gordan ..Hunt and D Washington

My thinking is..go for the home run hitters with Slayton... Eck and even Tanni...and hope to get good games from Coop and especially Moore...

How would u roll this week with this team 2 and 2 with 1 flex...WHIR


Barkley..Eck...Gordan...Hunt..Washington(only if Jacobs does not play)

Coop..Moore...Slayton... Paschal..



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Injury bug always hits at the worst time.


qb: real tough to go with Tannehill vs Mahomes.  If you had almost any quarterback NOT named Lamar, Watson, Mahomes it’d be almost a no brained but Mahomes can drop bombs at anytime.  I wouldn’t blame you given his great matchup, but not sure I’d pull that trigger.


rb: yea I’d roll Barkley eckler as it looks like Jacobs is playing so cant use Washington:


wr:  Cooper and Dj 

te: higbee.  Dallas is a tougher matchup than the lions (Howard’s matchup), but the volumes there.


flex:  I like paschal over Slayton.  I like Slayton, but his points could easily go to a different receiver, I think paschal would be my play here.  If it were my team I would probably play hunt over both of them, as his floor is much safer and I’d bet that one of my other players goes off instead, but for upside I can see paschal.


good luck!

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33 minutes ago, Nyblazer11235 said:

I think you are overthinking this. I’d rather lose with Mahomes then see him go off on my bench. I’d still stick with Gordon in the flex and would def go higbee over howard 

This is the correct answer.

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