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Valanciunas/JJJ Trade


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I'm a big Valanciunas fan, but I think that he is going to be frustrating to own with them not making the playoffs and wanting to develop Clarke more and more.

I was offered John Collins for my JJJ and Valanciunas. What do you think?I see Collins as a top 20 guy this year. I have Booker and Trae so could use the extreme FG% boost


What do you guys think?

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Thanks for the reply. My fear is that for JJJ to get fully unleashed, it will happen with Clarke at JV's expense. So JV may not be worth much in playoff time. Collins won't have that problem. I got the guy to include LeVert too, so the deal is now


Collins/LeVert for JJJ/Valanciunas


Does that change your thinking at all?

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Hi thornton I would take that in a heartbeat. JJJ is a nice player but very inconsistent and his play is hampered at times with foul trouble. Not sure why someone would wait so long before unloading Collins who is back soon but imagine how hungry Collins will be? Has a chip on his shoulder and Hawks need him in a big way. JV could very well get shut down for Clarke but Memphis still has Brooks and Morant who like to shoot a lot

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