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I'm in a 14 team, 9 cat, H2h redraft league and I just acquired Steph Curry from a manager that has multiple injured players to facilitate a larger deal that would benefit me and help him clear his IR spot.  Now that I have Curry, what should I do with him (currently sitting middle of the pack in the standings):

1) Try to flip him now for anyone that has top 100-ish ROS value that can help me immediately and give my team more depth

2) Hold him in my open IR spot and worry about him later if I need to use that spot for someone else

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1 minute ago, brickcitymamba said:

Who did you acquire Steph for, just out of interest? But I'm leaning more towards the second option anyway.


I gave JV and Conley to get John Collins and Luke Kennard, but had to take Curry as part of the deal.

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I'd say try to hold on to him like you said you're in the middle of the pack so realistically if you try to dangle him around and get a top 100 player I don't think thats going to propel you to the top of the standings. But if Steph comes back and gives you first round production for the last month of the season that's a big if albeit, that will definitely propel your team to maybe a chip. I guess it comes down to whether you think you can get into the playoffs by holding him or if you need another piece to get you in. 

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