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Flex Help Needed - WHIR

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37 minutes ago, Hank Thunderbolt said:

12 team 0.5 PPR

QB: Wilson

RB: Barkley

RB: Aaron Jones]

WR: Edelman

WR: Gallup

TE: Waller

K: Lutz

Def:  PIT


Flex Options: Conner, Metcalf, Mostert


Leaning Mostert

Thanks for help with mine 

not Conner. Splitting carries on a lousy offense vs a solid D.


if you want to play for the safe floor, go Mostert but I think Metcalf has a higher ceiling this week. The Panthers D sucks, has given up and their HC just got fired. Wilson is going to look to get the passing game back on track after the rams shut them down last week. I feel like Coleman could get revenge carries after Mostert helps bury the Falcons in the first half

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Having a similar issue - I'd go with mostert. Looking at what he's done the last 2 weeks, difficult to drop him. IMO of those three he has the highest ceiling.


Please help!

3 minutes ago, przngd said:

So I need to choose who to play in my 2 RB and Flex spots (so 3 total) among the players listed below. Have had injury issues so been loading up on RBs last few weeks.


RBs: Kareem Hunt, Mostert, Marlon Mack, AP, Tarik Cohen

WRs: Golden Tate, Adam Thielen


I hope that's clear - so I need to choose at least 2 of those RBs for my 2 RB spots, and then either a 3rd RB or one of my WRs for my flex.


Right now leaning Hunt/Mostert and Thielen in flex. 


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