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What do you need for MNF? Week 15 Edition

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Kamara stays under 12 and I'm in the ship, leggo

A draft do-over. 

Still alive in the semi-finals of my main league. All my players are done and I’m up by 16.38 points and he still has Kamara in 0.5 PPR. It’s going to be close IMO.

Made it to two semifinals this year:

Already clinched one championship berth despite not having Kamara play yet. Which is appropriate considering he’s done nothing to get my team this far anyway.

In my other league, I’m up by 9.85, with just my Zach Pascal going up against Michael Thomas. Don’t feel too great about my chances with this one, had a much larger lead until Devlin Hodges decided to hand Buffalo D/ST a boatload of garbage time points. But I suppose I still have a chance if MT can underperform.

If I end up missing the finals because of Devlin ******** Hodges it’ll take me a while to live it down.

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Up 7 with Mack against Saints. Going to be brutal. Played Thielen over Slayton, Miller, Conner otherwise this would be a bit easier.


Up 28 with Cook against Kamara. Also would have been guaranteed over if I played Vikings over Seahawks.


FF is truly such a guessing game.

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Im out of bullets and up 193.82 to 96.68. My opponent has Michael Thomas left in .5 ppr. Feeling good. 4th straight year to the finals. Last 3 years i finished 2nd place. Can i have 1 or two guys next week go off for 30? I had that this week, i hope im not a week early! Gl to all you guys who are in a close one tonight.

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