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Mazara or d'Arnaud?

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Two very different players, but I would still lean Mazara here. d'Arnaud can play anywhere, yes, but he is 30 and I wouldn't expect much progression from his 2019 campaign. Mazara is still young and is a pretty safe 20/75 lock with a decent upside. In a deep redraft league with 2 C i would go d'Arnaud, but I think that is the only scenario with I take him over Mazara. Hope this helps.

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1 hour ago, Jmdyanks92 said:

What about Avisail Garcia? He’s available 


Absolutely pick up Garcia.  Now that he has signed with the Brewers, his numbers should go up a little.  Better home park and a team that likes to steal bases.  I would much rather have Garcia than both Mazara and D'Arnaud.  

If someone beat you to Garcia, I would rank Mazara ahead of D'Arnaud due to the upside factor.  Mazara has disappointed so far, but there is some upside there yet that could be had if everything breaks right for him.

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Like the others no way on D'arnaud. as a platoon catcher with Flowers he won't be useable except in NL only leagues and 2 catcher leagues at best. As for Mazara or Avisail. I would go mazara since Avisail has shown us who he is. Mazara should get a chance to hit in a nice White Sox lineup and maybe figure it out.

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