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Mike Boone 2019 Outlook

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He doesn't have targets because he doesn't play.

I got Cook out and Mattison on the wrong side of doiubtful.    If by SNF Mattison is in, I'll pivot. Halfway home. 

Yeah I think this Mattison stuff is noise. "Testing the ankle"? Who cares. He is not going to be carrying the load after not getting a single full practice or even a full limited practice. He's doing

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I'll just leave this here...


Don't sleep on this guy as a pass catcher.  He is a converted WR and has very good hands.  Think they will use him in their potent screen game.

Think he will win many fantasy titles tonight as he finally gets an opportunity to shine.

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1 hour ago, remark900 said:

Vegas Says:
1+ TD   -167
69+ Rushing Yards   -114
3+ Receptions   -122
16+ Receiving Yards   -118

Looks good to me!


Even money huh- that's a 16 point rb1 performance right there just from a neutral Vegas perspective. In line with projections. IDK I don't see how the Vikings go from a 24-26 ppg+ running team down to a 12 overnight. Look what DeAndre Washington did with a good o-line and a medium matchup. Rb1.

You bet your a** the Vikings offense is better than the raiders 

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3 hours ago, kyoun1e said:

God help Boone owners if there's word pregame that Mattison is active and will "share the load."


Not gonna happen in a meaningless game, where they are already in the playoffs, and will need Mattison healthy in said playoffs. This is Boone's big day to shine.

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Wouldn’t have been the least surprised if he would have went for 100 yards and a TD tonight. But that goes to show you just how luck based and s---y fantasy football has become. For people to hang their hopes in championship week on a 3rd string RB is absurd. Especially over some of the guys I read people were benching in favor of him. Again, wouldn’t have been surprised but that’s how lucky this game has become. 

Then again, some of the predictions in here were absurd as well. For some to predict the same amount of fantasy points as Cook has had in his highest fantasy week this year is just, well, stupid. Or shall I say, quite ambitious. 

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