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Mike Boone 2019 Outlook

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He doesn't have targets because he doesn't play.

I got Cook out and Mattison on the wrong side of doiubtful.    If by SNF Mattison is in, I'll pivot. Halfway home. 

Yeah I think this Mattison stuff is noise. "Testing the ankle"? Who cares. He is not going to be carrying the load after not getting a single full practice or even a full limited practice. He's doing

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5 minutes ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:

It's impressive that Cook has been able to hold Boone back for 2 seasons.


I'd imagine Boone wrestles the starting RB gig away permanently from Dalvin Cook after Monday night.


90% of Dalvins production, easy.

I'd cry joy if he dominates

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6 hours ago, rylaughlin said:

Please discuss



Good stuff.  My big question with him is if he'll be used at all in the passing game.  I'm not sure how good he is at pass protection but he sure seems able to catch okay.  I know he had a few catches in the preseason also including a 45 yard reception.  If he could sprinkle in a few receptions it would really help his floor and take away some of the game script risk.

No doubt he can run the ball and I think it's a game where the home crowd could get behind this guy.

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3 hours ago, Szer0 said:

Just curious, you miss out on Boone or whaaa...???


No I own Boone purely for blocking purposes or maybe a flex if I feel dangerous.

You don't think I would be upset over not owning a 3rd string back up rb that may or may not do well?  I'm in the finals and Mixon+Chubb got me here 🤣

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5 hours ago, sadlyajetsfan said:

Why is he being compared to Hill and Johnson? It's a completely different situation. Vikings allow for a much more potential than Falcons and Lions on the ground. 


You miss the point, it's not the players/team talent it's that they were the overhyped defacto rb1 week winning consensus must start waiver pickup studs and then in the games the coaches got too clever and they were never used as expected becoming huge busts. They are also all 3rd string rb's

Why do people get so sensitive about boom or bust waiver pickups 😉

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1 minute ago, RLDN106 said:

That’s a “yikes” from me dog

Not crazy about that either. But “testing” sounds a decent distance from “playing and leading this backfield”. I’m hoping the Rams lose today and the Vikes rule them both out. 

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Alexander Mattison (ankle) was cleared for individual drills at Saturday's practice.

He'll likely be listed as limited. It's a step in the right direction for Mattison, who's shaping up as a game-time decision. With Dalvin Cook not expected to play, the Vikings may try to push Mattison at less than 100 percent.

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