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Lost Godwin, Need Another WR

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Set the record score in my league this week (yay) but lost my best WR.

Who is the best half PPR replacement for next week? Thanks!

AJ Brown vs NO

Perriman vs HOU

Pascal vs CAR

Mclaurin vs NYG


QB - Tannehil

WR - Keenan Allen,

RB - CMC, Barkley

TE - Hooper

FLX - Mixon, Miles Sanders

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I face a similar choice, TOUGH!

I think we can eliminate Pascal and McLaurin. Too many x-factors with them, and not really great passing offenses at the moment. Pascal could lose touches to TY. Scary Terry, you have to trust in Haskins who we know is not trustworthy at this point.


With your roster, I would play AJ Brown, and Flex Perriman. I like Perriman over either of your other two options.

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Great options. AJ Brown is a stud, but he has Lattimore which is a bit concerning. If last week is any indication, Haskins is improving and McLaurin has been seeing a positive regression from that. Perriman already proved in a big way that he's the next guy up in Tampa in a high pass-volume offense. So I'd flex Perriman. Finally his time to shine after all these years 😂

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I'd probably go with Terry.  I think he's the most likely to find the end zone.

Now that Godwin and Evans are gone, Perriman should get the toughest coverage.   Which I realize isn't much with Houston.  But we're also talking about Perriman here. 


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