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With Levert coming back.  I'm thinking Nnce or Robinson but Robinson's 3's are special and Nance should get going if Love is traded.  My team is starting to play well and not many guys to drop right now.  It's Nance or Clarke.  I think I prefer Clarke and Ingles is no sure thing yet either but I need assists.



G-Levert when he comes back








B-Brandon Clarke


B-Aaron Gordon

B-Donte Divencenzo


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I was thinking Nance but you are making me think.  I am trying to trade too.  I really need assists and don't need so many players liek clarke, gordon, nance etc.   Trying to make my team more well rounded.

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Maybe someone gets injured and you don't need to drop anyone? 

Or try for a two for one trade.

BTW - Conley injured again so holding Ingles makes sense, your worst guys are probably DD/Gordon/Robinson and maybe Levert depending on your league settings (he's been terrible this year in 9 CAT).

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It's Duncan Robinson sorry.  I thought the 3's being elite gave it away.  I just picked him up but he's pretty good.  I need better point guards is what i need because Lavert and Ingles are no sure things but I like them.  I'm stretching it with Kemba, Lavine, Lavert and Ingles being my main assist guys.  Donte really helps in steals.  The way my team is now it's hard to drop anyone.  Nance may blow up and be really good.   He was my drop though because I am pretty good in rebounds and he doesn't really beast in any one category.   He's been just average so far.  Love gets traded he's good.  He's not bad right now but there are better players for sure.  It's basically Nance or Robinson it sounds like.  I could drop Clarke but again he's better than Nance right now and may be going forward too.

I'll probably just leave Levert on the IL but I don't really want to do that.   He should be good to go.  Holmes may take a dip too.  I don't know.  he's been top 12. Someone is going to fall off a cliff.

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