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32 Team Replica League will have openings for Season 3

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We are a replica league that covers all 32 NFL Teams. We have two conferences, NFC and AFC, and each of their own player pool. So it's essentially like two 16 team leagues and the conference champs face each other in the SuperBowl. We are finishing our 2nd season and we anticipate having some openings for season 3 (1-2 usually leave for various life reasons and 1-2 we may replace simply because we feel they aren't being very active).


For complete rules please visit our league website and read over our League CBA.


Click on "LEAGUE CBA" in the menu to download the document.

I will provide a brief summary of the league below...


We are a weekly H2H Points league played on Fantrax. You'll have three matchups every week: a division rival, a conference game, and a non-conference game. It's no different than a 1 matchup setup except for you now have 3 live scoring screens to watch instead of one! 12 week regular season x 3 matchups per week = 36 total regular season matchups. This will result in you playing every division rival (3 teams) 4 times each, every team in your conference and outside of your division (12 teams) 1 time each, and 3 of the 4 divisions in the other conference (we will rotate which division is not played on a year to year basis).

We have practice squads that act similar to minor league rosters where you can store up to 10 rookie players without it counting against roster spots. Gives you a chance to hold on to guys and let them develop! Build that dynasty! Players lose rookie status when they exceed 24 games played in the NFL. 

We have a bonus structure that increases salary for top performing players at each position so it makes them more and more expensive to retain. Earn that money!

The replica aspect is fun because we have two conferences we track and all of the divisions in the NFL. The playoff structure is identical and the conference champs face off in the SuperBowl. The NFC took Super Bowl I with the 23-13 Seahawks defeating the 34-2 Raiders 159.59 - 137.77. Superbowl II will see the defending champions Seahawks (25-11) face off against the Chiefs (26-10). 

Since we have a dedicated player pool for each conference it means you can only trade within your conference. That way we don't merge player pools. But again, within your conference it's essentially a 16 team league so trading is not a problem at all. Very active league. As do most leagues, we're trying to weed out the non-serious and not as active managers to max out this league's potential. 

We are a money league. Entry fee is $100, and a $50 advance towards the next season. All fees will be collected and dispersed through Fantrax Treasurer. 


So if you'e looking for an active league that has a lot of moving parts to build and manage a roster and compete in a replica setting of the NFL then look no further. This is the league for you!


Our GroupMe Chatroom in case you want to drop by and ask questions: Click here


Teams link: Click here

Our League CBA: Click here

Navigate the http://fantasyfootball32.com website to see our playoffs, 2019 and 2018 standings, forums, drafts, etc.


Please ask if you have questions and if you think you might be interested please let me know. Right when the offseason starts we will start interviewing people and see what franchises need new management.


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Have received several contacts. We will begin discussions after the season ends. Busy offseason in this league so we gotta get you in pronto and get you up to speed. If you're interested please let me know ASAP so we can add you to the interview list. 



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I would be interested in taking a team as well. I have been in many salary cap deep dynasty leagues, After reading the CBA, the only thing that strikes me as a bit different than other salary cap leagues I have been in, is there doesn't seem to be contracts? 


I am still interested if I can grasp a salary cap league without contracts concept , randyvanooyen@gmail.com

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