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Championship Game Lineup- WHIR!

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I'm in the Championship Game, but literally the only player I'm sure about starting is Ezekiel Elliott.  My league is .5 pt PPR.

QB: Jameis Winston (vs HOU) or Tannehill (vs NO)

RB: Ezekiel Elliott; Aaron Jones (@ MIN); Kenyan Drake (@ SEA); Adrian Peterson (@ NYG)

WR: DJ Moore (@ IND); AJ Brown (vs NO); Julian Edelman (vs BUF); Tyler Lockett (vs ARI); Breshad Perriman (vs HOU)

TE: Hunter Henry (vs OAK); Higbee / Everrett (@ SF)

FLEX: ?????


Ok, so I need 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 FLEX.... pretty wild situation.  Other than Zeke, nothing is a lock, but nothing is that bad, either.

At QB, I'm leaning Jameis, but he's insanely volatile (though not as much recently), is missing his top 3 receivers, and has a fracture in his hand.  Tannehill has been great, though slightly less great than Jameis, and has a great matchup, with all his top receivers, and a game they will likely be trailing.

At RB, Aaron Jones has had a spectacular year with 17 TDs, but has had 2 duds in his last 4 games.  Kenyan has had a kind of spotty year, but he really seemed to take command of the RB position last week, and the ARI offense has steadily improved.

At WR, DJ Moore has been great, but what will his chemistry with Will Grier be like??? Will Grier just check it down all game?  AJ Brown has been explosive the last 4 weeks, and gamescript should be in his favor, but is it sustainable? Edelman is a rock-solid stud on the year, but how hurt is he? He's always listed as questionable, but this week seems to be a bit worse. Still, the Pats really need this one.  Lockett has had an amazing year, but I didn't even start him last week because of his drought.  Can I trust he's out of it, and will SEA even throw much if they get out to a lead?  Breshad has been coming on strong, and there's really no one else to throw to in TB with Evans, Godwin, and Miller all ruled out.  Winston's been slinging it, and someone has to catch those balls.

I have Hunter and Higbee, but Everrett is on the waiver, and practiced in full today.  


Thanks in advance for your help!  WHIR!!

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Good luck!


id go

qb: winston

rb: zeke, Jones (roll with your studs)

wr: AJ brown, locket (no faith in Carolinas new qb and Edelman is clearly injured)

te: I have the same problem and am going henry.  Can’t take the Higbee risk with Everett there


flex: go big with perriman.  Other choice is drake but I like perriman in this matchup

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Thanks for the help on mine.

I'd go:

Winston (at this point, you just have to trust the volume and scheme. Tannehill is nice and the matchup is good but NO defense is way better than Houston and both of those teams will run a lot. TB/Houston should see more throwing (and thus more plays).

Zeke (duh) and Jones (this is really, really tough, but Jones just has a ceiling that's incredible and I think they will use him a good amount both rushing and receiving. He's the best player of the 3 and you have to trust the talent).

Moore and Brown (Grier is a gunslinger and he has the talent to throw. He's just not polished. More than that, DJ Moore doesn't need an accurate QB to produce. He hasn't had one his entire career. I don't see how you can sit Brown right now. I don't care what CB is on him. I have been slow to the uptick but this dude is legit good and the offensive scheme sets him up so well. Lockett's and Perriman's floors are too low (and honestly, Perriman is just not good, imo) and Edelman looks hurt and even when healthy didn't have a great game against buffalo. These are really hard choices but that's what I think I'd do)

Henry (it's been a rough couple weeks but it feels fluky. I think he's safer than the double TE business and bad matchup for LAR)

FLEX Lockett (You've made some conservative choices with your starting lineup (or, I have...lol) now it's time to take your swing. Some people want a safe floor from their flex. I'm not one of them, not in the 'chip, I want massive upside. Lockett provides that in the highest projected team total of the week. If he hits, you should be counting coins. If not, you should still be in the matchup.

Good luck. I hope you win. Quote me if you have any questions.

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