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Please Choose 2 WR. WHIR

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Please choose 2.  Standard, no ppr.

Woods-Roller coaster Robert at SF

Golladay-Dome team away in Den in the elements with rookie Blough at QB

Chark-at Atl, Little to no news on injury.

McLaurin-at NYG, 2 terrible teams. 

Crowder-home vs Pitt, would have more appeal if ppr. Very inconsistent.  Playing with arguably the best QB of the terrible bunch.


Can you believe I made the big game with this???  LOL

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If Chark plays, you have to start him.  Assuming Chark is healthy, I'd say it's:

Chark > McLaurin > Crowder > Woods > Golladay

Denver did lose Kareem Jackson, but that's the only silver lining for Golladay. Everything else about this matchup is bad.

SF ran the ball 35 times last time they faced the Rams.  I expect a run-first approach from both teams, melting the clock quickly.



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Keep an eye on Chark news, if he sounds fully good to go I think you have to roll with him. He’s been an absolute stud when healthy.  If it doesn’t sounds too optimistic for Chark - I’d go McLaurin - really like his matchup this week.  Woods will still get targets (I hope I’m probably playing him) so he’s not bad start either.

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