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Trade my Butler/Warren for LeBron/Ingles? WHIR!

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Main trade is Lebron-Butler. Looking to boost my 3s and FG%, added counting stats are bonus. Giving up FT% and stls.

Team 1 in sig, initially punt FT%/TO, but have been winning FT% 70% of the time, hence my hesitation to go full punt FT. Meanwhile, my 3s are competitive but they come and go. Looking to boost 3s since they're easier to get than FT%. Also have the feeling that Whiteside's FT% won't hold up.

What do you think?

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Pairing Lebron with Simmons is nice. Warren will eventually fizzle out when Oladipo returns. Ingles is looking at continuing his good play with Conely dealing with a lingering injury. I think given your current team composition the move bodes well for you. And hearing Lebron's response to load management makes me think he's going to try and play as many games as possible this season.

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11 hours ago, Madheat88 said:

I think the FG% and 3s boosts will be good for your team so I like the trade. Just remember that 3s are easy for everyone else to find too, so it won’t put you completely over the top in that category but should at least improve the frequency of you winning it 

This makes sense. It's just easier to sell Butler than Simmons (to boost FT%). It was hard for me to fix my team's build too if I shifted to a punt 3s team

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