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Bucs vs. Texans Saturday Game day

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This is like watching your child run through traffic and just hope they make it to the other side 

Just now, mbell317 said:

This game would already be tied if Bruce Arians had elected to kick a field goal in the 1st quarter instead of going for it on 4th and 2. 

Ultimately they got 0 points. 

Why did he scoff at the idea of 3 points, when down 10-0 in the first quarter?

It might cost them the game. What a moron. 

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Just now, Jordan23 said:

It was a bad spot but still looked like he was short

Sure, but 1, U never know with these refs. And 2, 1/2 yard u set up a sneak and it’s game over. And 3, what do have to lose? You have 3 TO’s and it’s going under 2 min. 


Looks like they won, but he’s an idiot. He’ll lose in the playoffs b/c of **** like this. He’s a moron 

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