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AJB, Sutton, or Boyd? PPR WHIR!

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You are completely right to overthink this one.....Really tough choices.    Please tell me what scoring you are doing,   Standard or PPR?


Preliminary thoughts are

PPR                                               Standard                   Hybrid/.5 PPR

1 -  Sutton                                      AJ                              Sutton

2-   AJ                                            Sutton                         Boyd

3 -  Boyd                                         Boyd                           AJ


If you need ceiling     -    AJ   is your choice all the way,    He is the most explosive, in a shootout match-up and as long as Tannehill keeps the wheels on AJ could have a massive game


Sutton  -   Rookie QB, and Slay covers him........ BUT, this is Detroit, and they will find a way to suck,  Sutton is such a gifted athlete is does not matter, and Lock is showing some promise.     I like Sutton in PPR because I think Lock looks his way all day and Sutton is all Denver has to throw to.


Boyd    -   I really like the guy, and he has a high floor......But......Unless you are leading your championship game, and just need a steady as she goes WR, then I would leave in the bench.



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