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Toronto Blue Jays 2020 Outlook


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11 minutes ago, NoHablaIngles said:

Is Buffalo a hitter friendly park? The dimensions look great but the 2019 park factors are so-so. 

Don't know but this is the Wikipedia page for it complete with one line insert already added that the Jays will be playing there this season:


Next to last picture at the bottom is nice panoramic shot of the stadium which apparently has the biggest seating capacity of any minor league field which means we will not be denied an appropriate number of major league level empty seats when the Jays play at "home" this season.


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It was announced their games against Philly have been postponed.


what a loss.. the new jays team is exciting.. the top 5 of Bichette Biggio vladdy lourdes and T-time (not always top 5 but probably should be) is very exciting.  

The catching combo of Danny and Reese is fairly productive.

im not too sure what to make of Derek fisher, everyone writing him off for dead but he got a triple off Scherzer.. at one time he was seen as a big time prospect and now written for dead.

Now that they have Nate the great their pitching is surprisingly good.. Ryu Nate and the underrated shoemaker.  As long as they  can stay healthy.. that’s a big if.


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