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Big Championship decisión A.jones vs M.boone WHIR

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Im up by 3 points in a full PPR championship. 

I have A.jones and M.boone. Who should i start? I need a high ceiling play. My opponent has D.adams. 

Also i have M.crosby and D.bailey which kicker should i start. 

I was thinking. Crosby in case adams scores Crosby could soften the blow with a pat. 

What do you think? It’s going to be a rough one today 😐

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50 minutes ago, tts42572 said:

I'd stick with the guy that has been a top 5 RB for most of the year in Jones over a 3rd string RB that we have very little idea about.




54 minutes ago, arichards728 said:

Mike Boone doesn't catch passes, but he has a good chance to score. However, Jones is a bonafide swing for the fences pick who also catches passes.

Go Jones.

Thanks guys! 

What about kickers? 

Crosby or Bailey ? 

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46 minutes ago, RonnieRonaldo said:

Jones and Bailey

Thank you, any reason you lean Bailey instead of Crosby? 

Not to confident on this game myself 

i feel it might be lower scoring 

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