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Gary Payton II 2019-2020 Outlook

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need to mention,his two 6 stls games both were against the Knicks

Not very familiar with Scott Brooks, are you?

Thyb is a pure defender on a defensively elite team that doesn't really need another player like him and probably wishes he was more of a Redick (this season). Payton seems to be an emergent defender

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Bradley Beal is out tonight ending his iron man streak at 194 consecutive games played i believe, GPII will start for him. I like that Scott Brooks can play him interchangeably at the 1 & 2. Its comforting to know and he could potentially carve a roll in the 20-30min range if he keeps up this level of play at LEAST on the defensive end !

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14 minutes ago, gooseball said:

It’s mind boggling to think players of this caliber are just available in g leagues. Wasn’t Whiteside also from d league or something? I’m sure there have been some more. I would love to see more players like these in the NBA.

My thoughts exactly! GP2 leads the G-league in stls avging a bit over 3+ and its not a fluke either he plays really good defense disregarding the statistics. I just wish the knicks were smart enough to sign him instead of failing to develop players like Frank Ntilkina 🤣

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1 minute ago, Jackdean33 said:

Is this guy better than Brown Jr when IT and Beal both play? Brown has monolopy of minutes on the SF spot but Payton is fighting IT, Beal and Smith for the guard minutes. 

Still not sure they’d play him at the 3 over brown even if he’s better

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Stats don’t lie. He was the g league steals leader at a whopping 3.2, and putting up crazy lines. For sure he’d at least produce decently if you give him the opportunity on this terrible Wiz team. He’s the only bright spot on the court (him and Troy Brown) lately really. Even Beal was trying hard to lose games and leads compared to this guy, the 3 games Payton has played. I honestly thinks there’s ROS value here. I don’t see how Brooks can take this guy off the floor and not develop him compared to guys like IT and Ish Smith, especially since they’re not going to reach the playoffs this year anyway, with all these injuries. Added him since his first game, and don’t plan on looking back.

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