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What will you remember most about this year?

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The terrible advice in this forum  

I will never forget Andrew Luck retiring mid way through our draft. That was shocking. 

Lamar Jackson Playoffs Saquon Chris Godwin Devante Parker Trading Aaron Jones My opponent benching Aaron Jones for Mike Boone in the ‘ship.

Antonio Brown - - - that saga was insane and very unique

Saquon - - wasn't that great but then rewarded us all when it mattered most in week 16 with an absolute monster game

CMC - - consistently great

Lamar Jackson - - drafted him 12th round in one league and 13th round in the other league. I will probably never ever draft anyone close to this good in those rounds ever again

I won both my leagues. I'll probably never do that again. 

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4 hours ago, chrismikayla said:

To not over analyze my line ups each week and trust my own analysis and ignore the "experts".

We have all realized this at one point or another. Sometimes multiple times. It is tough to stick to it though.

We all like to "Ruxin" our lineups.

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On 12/24/2019 at 7:33 AM, Bill_Buckner said:

Not a good year to go 0 RB

Yeah I was able to get Thomas and Julio. I agree this year was insane as there was no great ww pick ups for en besides drake, edmunds for a bit, latavious for a little, the 49ers rb, gallman for a game. It was a joke, but I see things reverting back to the norm. 


In fact it was wrs who got injured a ton this year Adams, JUJU, tyreek, etc.

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Being spoiled every week with Lamar , MT, Steelers Def and Josh Jacobs.

Won't forget my TE issues all season. Kept picking up the wrong guys or missing out on mini hot streaks on others. Was very annoying. Will target a Top 3-4 TE next year to try to avoid that

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36 minutes ago, ravensfanatic0 said:

Passing on Dalvin Cook for Leonard Fournette..., over drafting David Montgomery (staying away from Chi-town next year), and getting 1 pick right out of the gate Mark Andrews (no one really believed in this sort of breakout. I expected more yardage wise, but can't complain with TD production.) 

I managed to win a league drafting Montgomery in round 4 but I’m never doing that again. The preseason hype was ridiculous. I got burned by him this year and by Royce Freeman the year before. 

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On 12/26/2019 at 10:17 AM, gsiegel said:

I wonder what % of leagues were won by the team that drafted Lamar Jackson. Seems likely to be very high.




In my case, 3 leagues, the winners had Winston, Mahomes and Lamar.

I guess you can win drafting a QB early or late in my case.

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On 12/24/2019 at 10:38 AM, TedStriker said:

Will remember it for Lamar, CMC, and Thomas and how they completely blew their peers out of the water. I don't know if there were many teams that had that three-headed monster but that would have been fun (and not fun for everyone else).

I'm one of them. Coupled with Ingram, Evans, and Parker. It was a fun year 

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