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Franchise altering dynasty trade - any advice?

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Hey folks, I was offered the trade below In a standard dynasty league. On its own, I see a lopsided trade coming from a team with massive wr depth and no rb depth. Can my team sustain the loss of mixon though when I include that context? 






2020 10th overall


My team:

Qb: jimmy g

Rb: mixon, Carson, kerryon, Jacobs, hunt

Wr: Godwin, hilton, cooks, Preston Williams, Curtis Samuel, diontae Johnson

I own the 5th overall and that will likely be wr because the league goes heavy on rbs.  


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I’d take it. RBs quickly lose value in dynasty. Think about where David Johnson was ranked a couple years ago and where you would value him now. Not that I expect Mixon to fall off a cliff but I’d rather have the WRs being offered to you. 

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Hold Mixon.  I'd rather move Carson or Kerryon if I were you and aim for a 1:1 for a WR you like somewhere.  it's early for dynasty purposes, so just make them available and see who makes the best offer. If it were my team I'd be looking to add a stronger WR2 because I'm not huge on Hilton moving forward.  

Help with mine? 



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i think it's a good trade...as previous poster said, Mixon will lose his value unless you truly believe him to be a generational workhorse able to sustain value ala AP or if you have him in the CMC Saquon Cook Tier. Generally, WRs hold value for longer period of time in dynasty. Look at some Dynasty rankings online you would find a whole lot of WRs at the top. Outside Hilton and Godwin, your WR talent is unproven and can use some help. you get Sutton OBJ AND a 10th overall pick? i would take it.

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Take it.  Sutton is a top 10 WR in the making(guy is a stud).  OBJ is still extremely talented and when/if(i think he will) he turns it around you will be able to get a back of Mixons value for him.  Plus you get a first round pick.

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I'm also here to say take the deal. You have enough RBs to get by and this is huge for you WR corps, plus they last longer. Another thing I like that isn't mentioned is that this looks like a nice incoming class. Doubling up your chances on hitting on a future stud is an added benefit. I'd probably do this trade even without the draft pick, but that addition makes it easy.

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