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Playoff Tournament Money League $40 entry fee paid thru league safe

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Hey guys,

I run this league every year and will be running it again this year. It is $40 to get in and has really nice payouts that all go back into the league. Please see the league details below and email me ASAP at mjbnmr59755@gmail.com if you would like to join. Thanks!




Tournament Style
32 Teams
Run during the NFL Playoffs (Week 18- Week 21)


Brief Bio: Each week (round of the playoffs) you set an 8-man lineup. There is a tournament bracket that is set once the league is full and paid up. Each week you will have an opponent you will be facing head to head. If you win you advance in the bracket to face your next opponent. There is no re-seeding meaning that wherever you are placed in the tournament bracket determines who you play next. We go through each playoff round until we reach the Super Bowl. There will be 3 teams left fighting for the championship and this last week (Super Bowl week) will go by total points meaning that whoever scores the most points during the Super Bowl out of the 3 teams will be the Champion! Each team can use the same players as many times as they wish. Lineups will lock and become viewable to the league at the individual game’s kickoff. The tournament bracket will not be viewable on the myfantasyleague.com league homepage but I will keep track of it on the side and will send out emails.

Roster Size = 8
1 QB, 1-3 RB, 1-3 WR, 1 TE, 1 DST, 1 K


Scoring Format:


Passing Yards: 1pt per every 25 yards

Passing TD’s: 4pts

Passing 2 Pointers: 2pts

Interceptions: -2pts


Rushing Yards: 1pt per every 10 yards

Rushing TD’s: 6pts

Rushing 2 Pointers: 2pts


Receptions: 1pt

Receiving Yards: 1pt per every 10 yards

Receiving TD’s: 6pts

Receiving 2 Pointers: 2pts


Punt Return for TD: 6pts

Kickoff Return for TD: 6pts

Fumbles Lost (To Opponent): -2pts

Offensive Fumble Recovery for TD: 6pts


Extra Points: 1pt

FG Made (0-30 yards): 3pts

FG Made (30+ yards): 3pts for 30 yard FG then .1pt for every 1 yard thereafter


Points Against (0): 10pts

Points Against (1-6): 7pts

Points Against (7-20): 4pts

Points Against (21-29): 1pt

Points Against (30-99): -3pts


Fumble Recovery (From Opponent): 2pts

Interceptions Caught: 2pts

Sacks: 1pt

Safeties: 2pts

Defensive & Special Teams TD’s: 6pts


Head to Head Tiebreakers:


1)    Highest scoring player on team (This continues to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th highest scorer until the tie is broken)

2)    If both teams have the exact lineup then picking the winning coaches will become the tiebreaker.

3)    If still tied then we will use the random order generated by random.org with the team higher on the list getting the victory and the team lower on the list getting the loss.



Entry Fee: $40 
League Fees are paid through Leaguesafe.com

$40 X 32 Teams = $1280

1st Place = $480          

 2nd Place = $340

 3rd Place = $270

 4th Place = $190

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