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Please Rank these players! WHIR

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Currently losing My Category Matchup, 4-5, but it is close in rebounds (down 6) and 3's (down 3).


I am already planning on dropping Bjelica and picking up RIchaun Holmes, in hope that he will grab more than 3 rebounds than he grabbed last game.


But I am currently in a dilemma, OG has been terrible as of late, and he plays today against OKC. Should I drop him for any of the following players. Feel free to rank them:


OG Anunoby

Bogdan Bogdanovic (Sacramento)

PJ Washington

Who should I pick up today? Who will be best, long term? Thanks in advance!

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Yahoo: 10-team  H2H League  Current Record:  5-1-0

PG: James Harden , Ja Morant , D. Fox

SG: G. Hayward , K. Middeleton , J.Richardson

SF: Jayson Tatum, TJ Warren , 

PF: Blake Griffin , PJ Tucker

C: Enes Kanter, Steven Adams , R. Gobert

IL: D. Ayton , D.Bertans



I am not getting enough efficiency from PJ Tucker , Blake Griffin and J. Richardson what are your suggestion I am willing to make a trade 

Which position do you consider needs a trade? Any names for recommendation will be really helpfull.


INFO : L.Ball , PJ Washingon , Lamb , Grant ,  Satoransky , E.Gordon OG  are free to pick up at my leauge.


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