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Aaron Judge 2020 Outlook

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What's crazy is during this past offseason people were talking about how the Yankees need to lockup Judge longterm.  Helll no.  This is really why I'm so fed up with him and I don't want to see Frazier traded or lose playing time to these guys.  Keep Frazier in there and see what we got.  Nevermind keeping his trade value high.  I don't want a crap OF.  Hicks is injury prone too.

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Dude's about as durable as he is handsome.  Welcome to my DND team.

Coming for the mvp after being robbed by that short guy 

I can’t find a single hitter that underwent resection of the first rib. It’s been fairly common in pitchers for thoracic outlet syndrome and recovery takes about 6 months for them. For a hitter 3 or 4

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On 8/28/2020 at 2:29 PM, shakestreet said:

IMO The Yankees need to find a damn trading partner get rid of Aaron Judge

Let him walk for all I care.  Yankees already have to deal with Stanton for the next however many years.  Judge is the last person they should think about retaining.  

Im so sick of this dude

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