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Happy New Years All!


I'll be posting this on all 3 of the major sports forums - Coast 2 Coast fantasy has been up and running now for over 5 years, much of the same core of owners who engage in sports banter, trash talk, and most of all fierce competition within our respective leagues.  We're currently in search of a couple of owners who'll mesh with our group, maintain an active presence on our GroupMe based chat(s), and while as much should go without saying - set lineups and negotiate trades to better your team for now or for the future.  This league is not for the faint of heart - if you're one who sees this as an opportunity to hop in a league and act as a bystander to the goings on within the group I can assure you that you will not last long.  The league has thrived off of our groups commitment, communication and competition and we're looking for someone who'll appreciate and become a part of that.  


Before listing off the vacant teams, I'd like to engage with owners who may be interested in joining the group to ensure it's worth the time to do so.  All of our leagues are free, and the levels of activity that are maintained despite there being no monetary light at the end of the tunnel far surpass that of some of the more active money leagues you've been in - I can assure you as much.  All of our leagues are hosted on ESPN (football, baseball and basketball), with the accompanying Google sheet for anything relevant to the leagues secondary components (trade blocks, prospect rosters, draft pick trades).


Shoot me an email at c2cfantasysports@gmail.com or feel free to send me a private message through Roto Forums - thanks for reading and a Happy New Year to you and yours,


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