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Looking for free fantasy baseball league

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Not free, but cheap! ($25)

If you're new, this competition could help you with becoming familiar with online drafts and the CBS site.

This a very unique competition and could be a good way for you to get in the door.

We draft 9 players (1C, 1Util, 2 OF, 2INF, 2SP, 1RP).  Scoring is basic. Our season lasts two months.  The team you draft is your starting lineup for those two months- No lineup changes, roster moves, trades, injury substitutions, etc.  You live or die by the team you draft.   Top 3 teams (most team points) will get paid. ($300. $173, $100- based on 30 teams).  After Jun1, we will redraft and start the whole process again, for those who want to re-up.

If you're interested, email me and I will send you a team invite.  You will need a CBS fantasy account, which is free. 




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2 hours ago, fsportsguru said:

New league on fantrax. Goal is 20 teams with set team names based off region. fantasysportsguru917@gmail.com  if interested

I'm interested if positions are still available. Email is siscosandoval18@gmail.com

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Free Yahoo league -

We are looking for active GM's whom like to build the best fantasy baseball team to compete weekly.

We are a 12 team, 4 player keeper league,going into its 6th season.


Our only requirement :

Most importantly, someone who will compete daily and is always being proactive to find ways to improve their squad, either in the short-term or long-term. 

If you just like setting a lineup and don't enjoy talking trades, or general baseball chat with fellow GM's on a daily basis, this league is not for you.

Looking for a owner that doesn't mind taking over a fallen team and building it right back up, (might not be the case if you join). 

If you don't mind building , then that shows us you are in it to win it. 


If your are interested, let me know and I can provide you a lineup of your team and the league settings.


Please provide contact email. 

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